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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

Digital technology careers

The links on this page provide connections between the DTG and Digital Technologies careers.

ACG Yoobee

ACG Yoobee School of Design offers an exciting range of courses designed to give you the technical skills you require for a career in the creative digital industries. For more information click here.

Victoria University of Wellington

VUW offer a set of complementary degree programmes, each with a different focus on information technology. For more information click here.

The six Vocational Pathways

These pages outline what each Vocational Pathway is about. They tell you something about the work involved in each pathway, the sorts of qualities employers are looking for, the range of jobs available, and the standards that have been recommended. For more information click here.

Vocational Pathways for students and whānau

Support for students and whānau exploring how interests and strengths lead to work and study in areas. For more information click here.

Careers NZ 

Careers NZ has information and support to help students make informed choices about learning and work. For more information click here.

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