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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

General resources

There are many resources available on the net that can be useful for teaching digital technologies. For example, Intel's The Journey Inside teaching materials which come complete with handouts and include a contextual glossary of terms.

NZC key competencies

This resource, developed by Robyn Lassey and Faye Lewis and retrievable from the PPTA Curriculum resources website, provides ideas on how teachers of ICT/Computing might help students develop the key competencies through that subject.

21st century learning

Learning to learn

Rethinking learning

Digital pedagogies

Some people will have attended Tony Ryan's popular session on digital pedagogies at the Learning@School Conference in February - read Tony on digital pedagogies.

Jamie McKenzie challenges us to think about the area of digital pedagogies in his 'Reading between digital lines' article, which includes a number of questions from his questioning toolkit.

NZ documents of interest

An example of year 10 digital technologies course

 Courtesy of Burnside High School

Matrix of computing unit standards levels 1-3

Standards review

A digital technologies discussion paper

Useful NZ resources…

 Te Ara - The Encylopedia of New Zealand is a great source of New Zealand resources. In Māori, Te Ara means ‘the pathway’. Through interlinking text and image trails, the Encyclopedia takes you on a journey of discovery. Check out the March 2009 blog archives for a classic television commercials blog entry which links to YouTube clips of the old ads.

 Living Heritage is another area on TKI where New Zealand schools can share heritage treasures from within their communities. Rather than using the templates, this could potentially be an idea for a project in a digital technology classroom.



Providing students with Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no charge :

Planning and resourcing for technologies to support learning and teaching

“The software is only as good as the projects you build around it”……

This section of the Enabling e-Learning website has discussion starters, practical steps, and school stories in conjunction with the e-Learning Planning Framework to help you identify your current school-wide systems, and to support your planning to resource the successful use of digital technologies in learning and teaching. This includes considering:

  • responsibility and management
  • access for all to devices
  • the environment
  • reliability of devices
  • safety and risk management.

Fun resources

Check out the new video – "Not on the test"

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