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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines


 DTG strands

 The DTG was developed in a series of strands, structured into pathways to provide a coherent approach to the teaching and learning of digital technologies.


Digital technologies in the Technology learning area

 Digital Technologies sits within the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. The DTG strands are reflected in the development of a body of knowledge which outlines specific knowledge and skills for digital technologies. The technological context knowledge and skills (TCKS) material provides a set of objectives and indicators for digital technologies, along with illustrative examples of what is meant by a statement of curriculum level.

 A set of specific digital technologies achievement standards is also being created to assess specific knowledge and skills not covered by the generic technology achievement standards.


Strand Alignment

 While there is a good level of alignment in terms of content, there are variations in the naming of the strands across both developments. This table maps the strands of the DTG to the five strands in the digital technologies body of knowledge.

DTG strands


TCKS strands

Electronics & controls



Programming & software


Programming & computer science

Business technology


Digital information

Digital media


Digital media

Digital environments & systems


Digital infrastructure

Digital society



>>> generic technology standards

Digital concepts & tools



>>> general fluency



 The last two strands of the DTG do not map directly to a TCKS strand. It is not expected that either of these areas would be handled independently. Digital concepts and tools are overarching and these DTG indicators belong across all strands. Digital society is already addressed through generic technology and also applies across the strands.



 Teaching and learning guidelines being created for the technology learning area, will contain a specific section for Digital Technologies based on the body of knowledge. Guidance about addressing digital society will be provided in the teaching and learning guide.



 A variety of resources developed by teachers to match these strands are being collected in the Resources area.

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