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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

Digital media




TCKS objectives

 This strand encompasses a number of different areas of knowledge, such as web design, interactive media, animation, and graphic design. Students would be expected to produce solutions that communicate effectively through one or more digital media applications.

 Students will be able to:

Year 11 – Digital media

 ...explore communication through the use of digital media

Year 12 – Digital media

 ...communicate effectively through the use of digital media

Year 13 – Digital media

 ...combine elements from digital media applications and apply relevant codes of practice to communicate effectively


 Objectives on which the Achievement Standards for the Digital Media context will be based.

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the types of digital media, and how they are created
  •  Be able to create and publish a quality digital media product using appropriate media tools


Refer to the Technological context knowledge & skills draft for curriculum level indicators and further explanation and examples.


DTG indicators and key knowledge areas

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