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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

Programming & Computer Science




TCKS objectives

 This pathway begins with the understanding of data representation and developing basic computer programming skills to applying comprehensive knowledge of data structures to produce a solution.

 Students will be able to:

Year 11  Programming

 ...understand data representation and develop basic computer programming skills

Year 12  Programming & software development

 ...use programming skills to solve a problem, and to develop and refine a solution

Year 13  Programming & software development

...apply comprehensive knowledge of data structures to produce a solution


 Below are the objectives on which Achievement Standards for the Programming & Computer Science context will be based.

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of concepts across Computer Science and Software Engineering
  •  Be able to understand, select and design data types, data structures, algorithms, and program structures for a program to meet specified requirements, and evaluate user interfaces.
  •  Be able to read, understand, write, and debug software programs using an appropriate programming language, tools, and software development process.

Refer to the Technological context knowledge & skills draft for curriculum level indicators and further explanation and examples.


DTG indicators and key knowledge areas

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