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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

The DTG project

Developing the guidelines

As a direct outcome of the New Zealand Fluency in IT (FIT) project, a set of Digital Technologies guidelines was conceptualised by the Ministry of Education and HiGrowth NZ initiative. In August 2007, Cognition Consulting was contracted to instigate the foundation phase of the project, developing a framework for digital technologies being developed and trialed with a small group of pilot schools. The development phase which followed increased the number of schools involved until in the current consolidation phase, 120 schools are actively working on DTG implementation.

Using the guidelines

The DTG has been developed as a flexible planning environment that enables teachers to design and deliver programmes of work for years 11–13 that give context, coherence, and relevance to its related areas of knowledge. Aligning with the New Zealand Curriculum, the DTG addresses: programming and software development; digital media; electronics; business technology; plus an examination of today's digital environment and society. Recognising that both teachers and students come to these areas with vastly different backgrounds and knowledge, the DTG provides a range of tools and learning experiences which enable any teacher or student, novice or expert, to successfully engage with this rapidly changing area.

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