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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

What is the DTG?

The Digital Technologies Guidelines (DTG) provide a flexible structure and a coherent approach to the teaching and learning of digital technologies in the senior secondary school sector in New Zealand. It is expected that these guidelines will:

  • support improved pedagogical practices in the area of digital technologies
  • develop clear links to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • provide a common framework for teachers working in this area
  • provide a platform for closer alignment with industry and tertiary
  • focus on the future by encouraging confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners.

The project has the potential to strengthen the appeal to students of digital technologies as a specialist subject and to connect students with a range of enterprising and innovative employment opportunities and tertiary pathways. Focused on years 11–13, the DTG provides a flexible planning environment for teachers to design appropriate and coherent courses in the area of Digital Technologies.

For more information on the DTG project please email: dtg@tki.org.nz.

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