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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

Other strand related resources

Programming and Computer Science

Tim Bell's resources

Programming & Computer Science resources - a comprehensive collection of resources introduced by Tim during term 4 regional cluster meetings

Game Maker

Game Maker resources - from Hawkes Bay DTG cluster group (with help from Natcoll)

Digital Media


This resource from Susan Pretorius, is a basic DreamWeaver tutorial written for junior students.

Web Standards

To promote Web standards across the globe, Opera has created a Web Standards Curriculum in association with the Yahoo! Developer Network. Web standards promote efficiency, ease of maintenance, accessibility, device compatibility, and search optimisation in a website. This free tutorial course gives complete beginners a solid grounding in standards-based Web design. Split into more than 50 articles, you can follow the curriculum from start to finish or simply read the articles that interest you most.

Making Movies

Tips on how to make a one minute movie.

Digital Media building blocks

A resource developed by Gavin Stokes of Natcoll, to help teachers further develop their understanding of digital media.

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