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Digital Technology Guidelines. Ministry of Education.

Digital Technologies Guidelines

Digital infrastructure




TCKS objectives

 Digital environment and systems stems from the application of basic principles and understanding the components of computers, electronic systems, and networks, to students developing skills in analysing, evaluating, and developing the technical features of networks and digital systems.

 Students will be able to:

Year 11 – Digital & electronic environment & systems

 ...apply basic principles and understand the components of computers, electronic systems, and networks

Year 12 – Digital environment & systems

 ...understand, use, and evaluate the concepts of components, systems, technological features, functions, and limitations of a range of digital technologies

Year 13 – Digital environment & systems

 ...analyse, evaluate, and develop technical features of networks and digital systems


 Objectives on which the Achievement Standards for the Digital Infrastructure context will be based.

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of digital infrastructure: hardware, software, networks, and their components
  •  Be able to design, and evaluate the performance of, a digital infrastructure
  •  Be able to build, configure and maintain digital hardware and networks, including installing software

Refer to the Technological context knowledge & skills draft for curriculum level indicators and further explanation and examples.


DTG indicators and key areas of knowledge

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